Chapter 5: Ahab goes to the junkyard sometimes after school

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Circe comes along a lot of times but not today.  Ahab loves his new family.  But they are so strange!  So much of what they do makes no sense.

He spends a few hours climbing around the old shells of crashed spaceships.  Today he climbs the ladder up the side of his favorite rocket.  He crawls through a little door into a tiny cabin with glass windows and a big soft chair.  

He sits in the soft chair and touches a few buttons.  Nothing happens of course.  These ships have been here for centuries.  People argue if they came here from somewhere else or if long ago, people tried to leave and then found out there was nowhere else to go.  Nobody knows for sure.

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Chapter 4: Circe’s school report

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Ahab is a little nervous but also a little excited about Circe reading her report for school.  Now Circe stands up in the small classroom with windows all around and the other students all look at her.

When Circe first had the idea, he didn’t like it at all.  She wore him down.  “Ahab, the report is supposed to be on somebody that helped us when we needed help.  That was you!”

He couldn’t argue with her.  He wasn’t sure why.

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Chapter 1: Ahab

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Ahab is a boy that lives by himself in one of the old shacks in the woods.

He goes into the tiny town nearby and tries to find work.  Usually one of the shops in the market will pay him to sweep or to carry boxes or do anything else.

Ahab also digs through the trash and sometimes he finds something tasty to eat for himself, or if he doesn’t want it, he will keep it anyway and share it with the dogs that stay with him at night.  Ahab collects all sorts of things from the trash.  Old books, parts from broken down robots, clothes, toys, etc.  Ahab wears a blue plastic watch that plays music and tells him the weather.  He is amazed somebody threw it out.

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